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B.Ed.FA in Theater Directing, Seminar Hakibbutzim, Tel Aviv, Israel.

MAR 2017 - “Huis Clos” by Jean-Paul Sratre directed by Tomer Karlinski, SMKB, Musician and Asst. Director

APR 2017 - “Actually - Post-truth Cabaret”, Jaffa theater, Musical Arrangements and Pianist.

MAY 2017 - “Blackbird” by David Harrower, directed by Noam Bitzur, SMKB, Original Music.

JUN 2017 - “Boseman and Lena” by Athol Fugard, directed by Dana Standel, SMKB, Original Music.

JUL 2017 - “Three Tall Women” by Edward Albee, directed by Lyr Simon, SMKB, Original Music, Asst. director.

AUG 2017 - “Otto e Mezzo” an adaptation of Federico Fellini’s movie by Miri Lazar, SMKB, Sound Designer.

SEP 2017 - “Project 14/48” by the The Playwrights Project, Tzavta, Producer.

SEP 2017 - “I Sisyphos” directed by Maya NItzan, Tmuna Theater, Asst. Director, Sound Designer.

OCT 2017 - “Good People” by David Lindsay-Abaire, directed by Itzik Weingarten, Haifa Theater, Asst. Composer.

NOV 2017 - “RAWNESS” a work by Galia Fradkin, Tmuna, Editing and sound design.

DEC 2017 - “Chambaloo” an adaptaion of Roni Heffer’s book by Keren Hovav and Natali Ainimer, The Khan Theater, Arranger and Pianist.

DEC 2017 - “Escape Room” by Lior Galtziano directed by Ella Nikolayevski, Tzavta (Short Theater Festival), Original Music

JAN 2018 - “Binding of Isaac” by Amir Zloter, directed by Noam Bitzur, Tzavta (The Playwrights Project), Original Music.

FEB 2018 - “Shitz” by Hanoch levin, directed by Rom Reznik, SMKB, Recordings Pianist.

MAR 2018 - “Under Milk Wood” by Dylan Thomas, directed by Noa Lev, SMKB, Pianist of Shosh Riseman’s music and original music

JUN 2018 - “A Wonderful Day” an adaptation of J. D. Salinger short story A Perfect Day for Bananafish" inspired by Robert Wilson, SMKB, director, adaptor, original musical composition, Set, costume and lighting design.

JUL 2018 - “INTERWINED” a work by Dana Gabso, Rehovot International Live Statues Festival, Original Composition.

JUL 2018 - “The House of Bernarda Alba” by Federico Garcia Lorca, directed by Tsah Elbaz SMKB, Original Music.

AUG 2018 - “Ashes to Ashes” by Harold Pinter, directed by Atar Paz, SMKB, Original Music.

OCT 2018 - “Almaz's Light” by Hava Tizazu directed by Ella Nikolayevski, Hanefesh Theater, Original Music.

NOV 2018 - “Valeria is Getting Married” by Michal Vinik directed by Ella Nikolayevski, The Cameri Theater, Asst. Director.

DEC 2018 - “Yaakobi and Leidental” by Hanoch Levin (a short sketch adapted from the play), SMKB, Director and Original Music.

[DEC 2018 - Renewing “Under Milk Wood” in Tmuna Theater]

JAN 2019 - “The Purple Flashlight” an Original Musical for Children, SMKB, Writing, Directing, Original Music, Lighting Design.

FEB 2019 - “EYES” adapted from Anja Hilling’s play “Sense”, directed by Shaked Harari (Shakita), SMKB, Original Music.

MAR 2019 - “The Exception and the Rule” by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Maayan Preedan, SMKB, Original Music and Lyrics.

[ARP 2019 - Renewing “Actually” in Tzavta]

ARP 2019 - “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” an adaptaion of Shirley Jackson’s novel by Tamar Amir, SMKB, Lighting Designer.

ARP 2019 - “Good Mood Bear” by Daniella London Dekel, directed by Galia Fradkin, Elad Theater (Haifa International Children's Theater Festival - Haifa theater), Lighting Designer.

JUN 2019 - “Constelations” by Nick Payne, Directed by Neta Meidan, SMKB, Producer.

AUG 2019 - “Arturo Ui” an adaptation of “The Resistable Rise of Artuto Ui” by Bertolt Brecht, SMKB, Adaptor, Director, Original Music, Co-Set Designer, Video Art.

AUG 2019 - “Constelations” by Nick Payne, Directed by Neta Meidan, Tzavta, Lighting Designer.

NOV 2019 - "In the Land of Israel", adaptation of a book by Amos Oz, directed by Nola Chilton, original music with Eldad Lidor. Live piano.

JAN 2020 - "Dance and Fly" by Reshef Levi, directed by Ella Nikolayevski, Beit Zvi, Original Music.

JAN 2020 - "The Wild Duck" by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Moshe Perlstein, Tel Aviv University. Original music.

FEB 2020 - "ZOOG", a work by Zlil-Hen Saks and Yoli Seker, Tmuna theater. Lighting design.

JUL 2020 - "Check, Please!" by Oran Dickman, directed by Neta Meidan, Notzar Theater, Original music.

SEP 2020 - "Those Who Walk in the Darkness" by Hanoch Levin, directed by Tal Brenner. Asst. director, SMKB.

OCT 2020 - "I See in Color" by Barak Gadassi, directed by Adi Gortler. Original live music and lighting design. Haifa International Children's Theater Festival.

JAN 2021 - "Tristan & Yseult" by Carl Grose and Anna Maria Murphy, directed by Amit Levy. Original music. Elad Theater (Residesert 2021).

MAR 2021 - Producer, Lighting adaptation and graphic design for the renewal of "Those Who Walk in the Darkness".

JUN 2021 - AIM - Art in Motion multidisciplinary art work in ARTHURA gallery. Lighting design.

JUL 2021 - "HUG" - opera for children adapted from David Grossman's book, Motan Choir. Director, adaptor, stage, costume and lighting design.

AUG 2021 - Lighting designer in "1|2|3" Project in Suzanne Dellal Center for works by Shani Bar Dimri and Dana Sapir, artistic management by Naomi Perlov.

AUG 2021 - "HOME IS"  by Einat Berkman Bilu, Tribune Festival, TAU. Sound design.

AUG 2021 - Video games design exhibition, Shenkar. Architectural lighting design.

AUG 2021 - "Father Figure" by Sharon Ingrid Stark and Roey Maliach Reshef, directed by Stark. Tzavta. Lighting design.

AUG 2021 - "The Purple Flashlight" - original musical for children - Playwright, Composer, Director. Tmuna.

SEP 2021 - "HaKovshim X Allenby", a movement theater piece by Nur Garabli directed by Neta Meidan and Shaked Shneller, Acco Festival 2021. Original Music (Tmuna Teater Nov21)

SEP 2021 - "Who To Bow To", by Ilil Lev Kenaan, Acco Festival 2021. Co-Ligting designer with Yair Segal

SEP 2021 - "Point of You" by Dana Sapir, Lighting designer, "1|2|3" Project in Suzanne Dellal Center.

OCT 2021 - "EXEMPLAR" ("Mofet") - first novel published.

NOV 2021 - "5 Lesbians Eating Quiche" by Evan Linder and Andrew Hobgood, directed by Yuval Corne, The Triangle Theater. Lighting design.

DEC 2021 - "White Night" adapted by Irad Rubinstain and Gur Koren from "American Son" by Christopher Demos-Brown, Directed by Tamar Keenan, The Cameri Theater. Asst Director.

DEC 2021 - "Shorts for Kids" - Director and original music composer in "Short Theater" festival, Tzavta. (3 short plays with original musical interludes).

JAN 2022 - "The Good Person of Szechwan" by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Tal Brenner, Goodman Theater and Acting School. Lighting design.

APR 2022 - "The Superfluous Man" - Adaptation of Ivan Goncharov's novel "Oblomov", adapted and directed by Yehezkel Lazarov. Tel Aviv Culture Cente. Producer for Mitcha Figa Theater Company.

April 2022 - "Pikuach Nefesh" ("to save a soul") by Tomer Rosenman, directed by Hadar Glaron. The Cameri Theater. Asst Director.

JUN 2022 - "Rent the Room" - a new musical adapted from "Room for Rent" by Leah Goldberg. Ben Gurion High School, Ness Ziona. , Director, Playwright, lighting designer.​

JUN 2022 - typing... - An immersive maze conducted of 8 spaces of music, light, video and fog. Creator.

JUN 2022 - Final art exhibition of Ankori Studio. Lighting design.

AUG 2022 - CHÉ - A work by Nur Garabli and Misan Miso Samara, Susan Dellal Center, Tel-Aviv Dance Festival, Lighting designer.

AUG 2022 - DUSK - A work by Rebecca Laufer and Mateos van Rossum, Susan Dellal Center, Tel-Aviv Dance Festival, Lighting designer.

SEP 2022 - 1|2|3 SOLO&DUETS - Susan Dellal Center, Tel-Aviv, Lighting design

SEP 2022 - Anatomy of (Un) Holding - A work by Shani Bar Dimri, Kelim Choreography Center, Bat Yam, Lighting and Sound design

OCT 2022 - 1|2|3 SOLO&DUETS - Elfo Puccini Theater, 2022 MILANoLTRE Festival, Milan.

DEC 2022 - "Birthday Candles" by Noah Haidle, Directed by Ronnie Brodetsky, The Cameri Theater. Asst Director.

JAN 2023 - "GAMMA" an opera by Reuven Mark Mozes, Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv. Director, Dramaturgy, Lighting Design.

MAR 2023 - "HUBEZA" - a work curated and directed by Ronnie Brodetsky with text by Etgar Keret and music by Kobi Lilian, The Cameri Theater with The Revolution Orchestra. Asst Director.

APR 2023 - "Where Your Heart Beats" by Yaron Edelstein, directed by Tal Brener and the playwright, Theatronetto Festival. Lighting Design.

APR 2023 - "Each One and His Water" written and directed by Rubi Kassus. Theatronetto Festival. Lighting Design.

APR 2023 - "The Song Thief" by Efraim Sidon, directed by Liron Noah. Haifa International Children's Theater Festival. Lighting Design - winner of the lighting design award.

MAY 2023 - "The Superfluous Man" Tour - Pristina, Kosovo, Femart Festival 11', ODA Theater. Executive producer.

JUN 2023 - "The Visit" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, directed by Neta Meidan. Goodman Theater Acting School. Original Music.

AUG 2023 - "The Superfluous Man" Tour - Shanghai, China, Shanghai Culture Square Theater. Executive producer.

AUG 2023 - "TYPING" - directed by Ronnie Brodetsky, Tzavta. Lighting design.

SEP 2023 - ״A-Genre Festival״ - Tmuna Theater, Space Designer.

OCT 2023 - "Amiram" by Ido Setter, directed by Yael Goldberg, Acco Festival. Lighting design - winner of the lighting design award.

FEB 2024 - "Rugale and Quiche", DIDA Center, Playwright and Director.

MAR 2024 - "The Visit" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Hadarim Highschool, Director.

APR 2024 - "Background Noise" an original new musical, Hof Hasharon Music Ensamble, Playwright, Director.

APR 2024 - "VIRALI the Musical" - Playwright, Composer, Musical Director.

APR 2024 - ״Not Normal״ by Guy Maroz - Theatronetto Festival, Lighting Designer.

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